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Read a review of our kits on GeekDad.com! My daughter is not a kid who is incredibly excited by science, but she could barely contain herself as we unpacked the kit. With the hands-on experiments and the lab coat, goggles, and gloves, this is education that just feels like play time.”

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All of our kits are packed in an attractive, colorful gift box of heavy corrugated cardboard and shrink-wrapped. Each includes full instructions for all activities. Deluxe Kits include gloves, lab coats and googles as well! Our kits are designed to be opened and used right away, with all materials included in the box. Please note that none of our kits are appropriate for children under 3 years of age.

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Our kits are also available for sale at The White Raven at 17 Main Street, Blairstown, NJ 07825.

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Selling kits at the Hope Craft Market in 2015.

Top 5 Reasons to buy our science kits:

  1. Everything you need is in the box. No joke: Once my kids got a kit that required me to buy Cypress bark among other weird items. Didn’t I already pay for the kit? Shouldn’t it have what I need? With our science kits, you will. You’ll never have to spend a fortune buying even more stuff or searching for strange items. It’s all in the box. Deluxe Kits even come with goggles, a lab coat and gloves.
  2. Created by a scientist, a teacher and a mom. All rolled into one. That’s what we call an expert. Our kits were designed by one… not a marketing rep or intern. An expert who understands kids and knows how to teach science. This is what I do. I teach science, every day. It’s my passion. That means a quality kit.
  3. They’ll really learn something. Tired of craft kits masquerading as science? Our kits explain why the science works and gives ideas to extend the learning. That’s not to say we’ve created dry, textbooks in a box. The activities are engaging, hands-on and real. Because I believe that real science is real fun.
  4. They’re really fun. Every experiment I include is a kid-tested activity that I’ve used in classes and science programs. I know kids love this stuff. Why? Because they told me. They begged for more. And that is why I made these kits in the first place! So kids could take the fun home. You’ll never have a boring play date, rainy day or snow day again. I promise.
  5. You’re supporting a small business. No, really. Every penny goes to support my family and to building Kaleidoscope Enrichment so that I can get out there and teach even more kids. I personally make every one of these kits, pack every item, right here in my home in NJ. When you buy my kits, you are supporting a small, local business that reinvests in its community.

So take a look. I think you’ll like what you see. And if you don’t, tell me your idea! I’d love to hear from you!


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Teaching Super Secret Science Challenge.

A personal note:

This holiday season marks the one year anniversary of Kaleidoscope Science Kits. What started with just three prototypes at a local craft fair has grown to a line of 18 different kits featuring physics, chemistry, engineering and electronics. It is through the tremendous support of not only family and friends, but from every one of our customers,  that we’ve gotten this far. I can’t know where this journey will take us, but I’m excited to keep learning and growing.

I started making Kaleidoscope science kits, because my students wanted more: more science fun at home, more to share with their families, more to share with their friends. How could I say no? These kits are my pride and joy, the culmination of years of teaching science to some of the best kids in the world. These are THEIR activities, THEIR experiments. I wanted to make science kits that my own children would love, that I could love as a parent. That’s been my goal from the start.

I hope you find lots of joy and learning with these kits. I hope you have fun, make a mess and try something new.


Sandy Roberts, Director, Kaleidoscope Enrichment


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