Tutoring Testimonials

Parent’s reviews of Sandra Roberts and her tutoring services

“I cannot say enough about Sandy Roberts and her incredible teaching abilities!  My son was struggling in algebra class at the beginning of the school year.  His stress level was through the roof and his confidence was seriously waning.  Since the very first tutoring session, Sandy proved to be much more than a math teacher.  She is a genius!  Sandy teaches not only the “how to” of algebra, but goes much further to teach the “whys” and to make real sense of algebra.  She often uses my son’s interests and passions when explaining how to solve algebraic equations.  Sandy has also taught my son some brilliant test-taking techniques that have proven to be a huge time saver during exams and have really help him to keep focused and confident.  I often hear them working together and will hear my son say “oh, now I get it…that makes so much sense!”.  Sandy Roberts helped my son take a near failing grade and bring it up to an A!  He is now confident in his abilities and has even started to ask if I can call Sandy to come help him prep for tests.   Sandy clearly loves teaching and really cares about her students…that has been evident from the first day she began working with my son!   My husband and I are recommending Sandy to everyone!  We could not be happier and are so grateful to Sandy!” — DonnaLee Cannistraci


“My son has dyslexia and a significant weakness in math. The school has been great about getting him in class support, but it wasn’t until he started going to Sandy as a tutor that I saw a marked difference. He is much more confident and relaxed about his algebra classes. He tells me he has no idea how to follow along in the classroom until Sandy explains it to him during tutoring, making what was intimidating and awful, approachable and understandable.” — Cybele Tamulonis