Summer Programs

In addition to our class, scout and party offerings, which can be adapted to your summer camp or program, Kaleidoscope also provides special these programs just right for summer fun!

Maker Camp

Playing a banana piano.

A banana piano? Yup!

Explore + Make + Share!

Cool Projects, Epic Creations & Awesome Do-It-Yourself Fun!

Do you know kids that love to create, build and innovate? Kids who love science, technology & engineering? Maker Camp is a completely unique experience to help them develop cutting edge skills, explore STEM, make friends and HAVE FUN.

Maker Camp is the ultimate Do-It-Yourself, Do-It-Your-Way camp for kids.

Drawing from the exciting worldwide Maker Movement, students will try a variety of projects — from electronics to mechanical devices, crazy crafts to high-tech design — learning how each works along the way. At the end of the day, a maker goes beyond art, science, and engineering. It gives kids the chance to design a new world of creativity that merges the traditional and the technological in their own unique and independent way.
Kaleidoscope Maker Camps were featured in 2016 by MAKE Magazine.
This year we are offering Maker Camp programs at the following locations:

You do not need to attend the school or be a resident of the town to attend our Maker Camps at these locations. They are open to all.

Submarines at science and swim.

Submarines at science and swim.

Science and Swim:

Make hanging out by the pool even cooler this summer! Science and Swim brings hands-on science and engineering right to your location, engaging children as they’re having fun! Create a paddle boat, craft a torpedo, make a cool pool toy — then head back into the water to play with your creation!  We can offer a one time event — perfect for a kick off to your season or as an add on to a Dip and Dance at night — or a weekly Science and Swim program to really increase visitors to your site. Perfect for the lake too! Booking a Science and Swim is a fun, inexpensive way to make your pool the most exciting pool this summer. (Note: Younger children may need a parent or older sibling to help them with some projects.) Book it now! 

Oobleck at the Farmer's Market!

Oobleck at the Farmer’s Market!

Markets, Fairs and More!

Kaleidoscope has years of experience providing fun science, engineering and craft activities to children at farmer’s markets, street fairs, vendor events and other outdoor concerts. Why not add a Kaleidoscope Kid Tent to your next event? We’ll bring appropriately themed coloring activities, hands on projects and toys appropriate for all ages and provided for FREE to your attendees. We even provide all the tents, tables and chairs needed. We’ll handle everything! A Kaleidoscope Hands-On Science Tent is a great way to encourage families to stay longer at your event and build lasting memories. Availability is limited, so book early. The Kaleidoscope Hands-On Science Tent is available Memorial Day through Halloween. Book it now!

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