Scouts & Clubs

31568_10200092610061082_1954003231_nNeed help on a science or technology badge? Want an exciting program for the next meeting? Have an event coming up and need activities? Kaleidoscope can help!

We’ve worked with groups both big and small, in a wide variety of situations, so you can rely on Kaleidoscope to make your club or scouting activity fun and manageable. Whether you need help with the toughest projects, support for difficult concepts, or just a top notch activity, Kaleidoscope is there is make sure everything runs smoothly.

In addition to the ideas below, many of our parties and classes can be adapted towards scouting and club needs. We are dedicated to providing you with the educational experience you need and want. Just let us know what you’d like!

Girl Scouts

20130526_121722It’s so important to get girls interested in science, engineering and math with opportunities to connect their natural creativity with technology. Kaleidoscope is here to help with with both legacy and journey badge work. We specialize in Science and Technology, Innovation, Investigation and Naturalist badges of all levels. We are also experienced with helping girls through business, finance and entrepreneurship badges. We’ll happily customize the badge work to your needs and interests, so that girls get as far to completion as possible during your meeting while having fun and learning. With a Girl Scout leader and scientist at the helm, Kaleidoscope knows how to make your program a success. Book it now!

Boy Scouts

2014-02-17 19.20.26There is nothing like a group of boys to embody the excitement, energy and innovation of science and technology! Kaleidoscope will help you focus that curiosity into great badge, pin and loop work. Whether it’s studying physics and engineering by building catapults, discovering macroinvertebrates in freshwater as he becomes a naturalist, journeying through the Universe studying astronomy or exploring the amazing world of geology with high-quality samples, your scouts will get hands-on as they explore with Kaleidoscope. Every program is engaging so that their interest is always at its peak. We love to work with an enthusiastic group of Boy Scouts! We’re available as mentors to scouts as well. Book it now!

Young Makers

Playing a banana piano.

Interested in starting our own Young Makers Club? Kaleidoscope can help! We’ve been involved in the Maker movement for years — even won an Editor’s Choice award at the 2014 New York World Maker’s Faire. The Young Makers Program was developed to transform youth into confident and capable individuals through the process of making. Because the focus is on the process of making, sharing, and exhibiting – not competition, there are no winners or losers, just fantastic makers and learners who innovate and collaborate to create something great. Kaleidoscope can help you kick off your club, design a 12-16 program of run the entire endeavor — whatever you need. Book it now!

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