One-Day Classes

These classes are all available for your school, library, center, cooperative, club or other group. We bring all the supplies needed. All you need to do is provide the space! Contact us today to plan your next great science program! Note: Discounts are available for multiple bookings and repeat business.

One-Day Programs

  • 913946_4947837898414_1479486753_oWater, Ice, Steam  — Crush a can with nothing but hot air. There is so much to learn in this exciting, fast paced program focused on the states of matter! Great hands on science perfect for scout meetings, science fairs or homeschool meetups. 60 minutes. Grades K-8. Book it now!
  • Flash, Bang! — Watch as chemicals change color, reactions bubble and fizz and bright flames change colors. This hands-on program is all about the “Wow!” Learn the basics of chemical reactions and have fun doing it! Perfect for older students. 60 minutes. Grades 4-8.  Book it now!
  • This is Me and My Energy — Learn all about energy, forces and motion as we send balls bouncing, play with sound, and make a common pickle glow with light! Great assembly-style program for holiday and end-of-year transitions. 60 minutes. Grades K-8.  Book it now!
  • Fire and Ice Add On — Watch as magnesium burns bright and hot inside a block of dry ice. An exciting way to wrap up any program! Add this amazing demonstration! Book it now!

Electronics Classes

Building our first robots.

  • Squishy Circuits — A great introduction to electronics for kids of all ages! Use conductive and insulated playdoh type material to build parallel and series circuits, power LEDs and much more. Students take home their squishy circuits to continue the fun at home! Grades K-8. 90 minutes. Book it now!
  • Cool Tech 101! — Try your hand at the banana piano with Makey Makey, create art with a SpinBot and race Bristle Bots around the room. This is a great hands-on exploration of electronics and robots. Every student will learn to solder a robot pin with blinking eyes! Grades 4-8. 120 minutes. Book it now!
  • Electronics Build Its — We’ll bring all the materials and teach students to build a great electronics project. Make a lie detector, a digital voice changer, a blinking LED holiday decoration, a sound-to-light converter or blinky persistence of vision machine.Soldering required.  Ages 8+. 120 minutes. Book it now!
  • Soft Circuits — Explore the world of e-textiles and smart materials in this creative electronics class. Use conductive thread and other materials to wire wearable electronics that you can really use. A great combination of old world crafting and new age tech! Ages 8+. 120 minutes. Basic sewing skills help. Book it now!

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