Party Themes

Slime monsters!

Slime monsters!

We’ve got just the right party theme for your special day.

Most parties can be adapted for ages 3-16. After consultation, we’ll select activities that are just right for your group. Check out our fun themes below! You can also mix and match between themes to create your own “mash up” birthday party!

  • The Spa Science Party: Make glycerin soaps, lip gloss, body spray and more! Craft your own singular scent using science and make wonderful, all-natural spa products. It’s great fun with tons of goodies to take home. The Deluxe option includes special treats like shimmering mica dust, a wider selection of colors/scents/flavors and more. Book it now!
  • The Duct Tape Party: Be a part of the most exciting crafting craze to hit the country: create with wild, colorful DUCT TAPE! Crafters can pick from a number of different activities and tons of duct tape patterns. The Deluxe option includes larger projects, a wider selection of premium tapes and more “bling.” Duct Tape Parties are great for all ages and genders. Book it now!
  • The Mad Science Party: Hope you have your evil laugh ready to go! Mix up a batch of goo, crack a geode, make fantastic foamy polymers, perform coloring changing chemical magic tricks and more at this wacky mad science extravaganza. Safe, fun, exciting experiments rule the day with this party perfect for curious kids. The Deluxe option includes either our glowing dry ice demonstration or a real thermite explosion! Book it now!
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Mixing up bath salts!

  • The Crazy Contraption Party: It’s time to get your build on! Make marshmallow launchers, build bridges out of gumdrops, create pasta cars, launch paper rockets, race balloon ships and much more. Kids that love to build will love this party, full of creative do-it-yourself fun! Tons of one-of-a-kind take-home projects that every kids loves to make. The Deluxe option includes take-home rocket launchers or PVC marshmallow blow guns for each guest. Book it now!
  • Super Secret Spy Party: Become a special agent with this great spy-themed party. We start off by making our clearance badges, then learn the ropes with fun fingerprinting, evidence impressions and secret decoders. Plus, we’ll make some cool spy gear like periscopes and listening devices, so you’re ready to snoop on the bad guys. The Deluxe option includes upgraded supplies and top-notch disguises to take home! Book it now!
Playing with squishy circuits!

Playing with squishy circuits!

  • Junk Box Wars: Want a special challenge? Looking to bring out your creative best? This is the party for you! Based on the popular UK and USA shows, you’ll select a fun project to build then be provided with a unexpected supplies to meet that challenge. Teams will race to complete their creations then compete with what they’ve build. Tons of creative fun, with lots of prizes for everyone that competes! The Deluxe option includes more advanced challenges with better tools and materials so it’s perfect for older kids! Book it now!
  • Hacker Hangout Party: Love electronics? So do we! Projects include creating squishy circuits, making LED throwies, building fun bristlebots, playing a banana piano, creating lemon batteries, making a pickle glow and more! The Deluxe option includes upgraded projects like a blinking robot pin and the opportunity to explore Arduino projects, Raspberry Pi and more. This package can be adapted with advanced activities for serious hackers and older party-goers. Contact us for current project offerings. Book it now!

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