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My Master Slime List

To support my GoFundMe Summer of Science Campaign I am sharing my Mad Science Master Slime Making Recipe List. These are all my recipes for slime, putty, oobleck and more. I’ve collected and perfected these recipes over the last 10 years, so I hope they give you some inspiration to make and perfect your own…

Light Up Duck Tape Pencil Bag
2016-09-25 16.51.38-1

Making a pencil bag from Duck Tape has been one of our favorite Farmer’s Market activities each year. What kid wouldn’t love a colorful, waterproof bag they made for themselves? But this year, as part of my local Maker Clubs at the library I wanted to take it up a notch, so we created bags that light…

NJ Makers Day Thanks

Yesterday was a pretty amazing NJ Makers Day! One of the best things about running my own business is the opportunity to give back to my community in meaningful ways. That’s why I push myself to the limits to participate in things like NJ Makers Day, the World’s Maker Faire and other events like it.…

Snow Day, Pi Day!
snowman math

If your kids are anything like mine, they love making amazing snowmen on wintery days — especially if they have off from school! Since NJ is presently in the middle of blizzard, and it happens to be Pi Day, I thought I’d put forth an epic idea: The Pi Day Snowman!


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