NJ Makers Day Thanks

Yesterday was a pretty amazing NJ Makers Day! One of the best things about running my own business is the opportunity to give back to my community in meaningful ways. That’s why I push myself to the limits to participate in things like NJ Makers Day, the World’s Maker Faire and other events like it. Connecting and creating with kids through science, engineering and maker projects is priceless.

But, of course, I can’t do it alone! It takes a team of amazing, dedicated, supportive people to make days like this happen. This year the Kaleidoscope ground team had some amazing talent: Jennifer McBride (my beloved science sister, and Belvidere Nerdy Derby leader)Stephen Kosciolek (and patient husband, and Piscataway leader), Caitlin and Gwen Kosciolek (my darling daughters), Kaitlyn McShane (Blairstown morning) and Kris Kelleher (Blairstown afternoon).

A very special thanks go out to Tom Davidson and Andrew Terranova at The Children’s Museum (of Somerset County NJ) for helping me pull together the museum’s very first official NJ Makers Day!

And I cannot say enough nice things about the amazing librarians who make NJ Makers Day a success every year, specifically Doug Baldwin of the Piscataway Public Library, Kelly Durkin and Lina Crowell of the Warren County Library System and Kathryn Hammond of Middletown Township Public Library . Without your efforts, these kinds of programs simply wouldn’t exist.

Also, a really quick shout out to some other local Makers who I know were participating yesterday. Voodoo Farm , Bear’s Den Alpacas and North Warren KnitWits, you rock!

And finally thanks to ALL the amazing Makers that stopped by to participate in our Nerdy Derbies. I hope you had a great time!

Sandra Roberts
Director, Kaleidoscope Enrichment


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